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Canon: Hands-on intro to the newest Canon
cameras and gear

Matt Carman, Canon USA

Take a look at — and get your hands on — Canon’s newest equipment. In this session, Matt Carman will walk you through how it all works. Equipment is also available for checkout during the conference.

Sony: Hands-on intro to the newest Sony mirrorless cameras and gear

Ben Manlove, Sony

If you’re curious about Sony’s mirrorless cameras, here’s your chance to get your questions answered and your hands on the gear. Equipment is also available for checkout during the conference.

“Movement of the people: How Bob Marley’s anthem captured a prophecy of the geopolitical zeitgeist.”

Richard Tsong Taatarii, Star Tribune, NPPA Best of Photojournalism and World Press Award winner 

“That’s a mighty big camera for such a little girl”

This discussion of ideas and coping mechanisms will be lead by Bea Chang, KARE 11, with help from Hannah Foslein, Getty Sports, Carly Danek, KARE 11 and Ann Arbor Miller, freelance.

It can be tricky dealing with sexism anytime, but when in the field trying to get work done, it can be particularly challenging.

Pro tips on building a better portfolio

Deborah Pastner, Director of Photo and Video, Star Tribune

To get that next (or first) great job, your portfolio needs to stand out. Deb has some suggestions on how to make it do that. 

Top 10 Tips for Documentary Filmmaking

Melody Gilbert, independent filmmaker

That idea you’ve had sitting on the back burner for a documentary project? Melody will give you ideas on how to get it cooking.

“Good storytelling brings people to life, great
storytelling keeps them alive forever.”

Chad Nelson, KARE 11, NPPA TV Photographer AND Editor of the Year. 

“Leap of Faith a photojournalist’s transition from staff to freelance.” 

Barbara Davidson, presented by Canon. 

“Empathy and objectivity can co-exist in photojournalism” 

Cheryl Diaz Meyer 

Understanding your intellectual property rights

Blake Iverson

Dealing with rights contracts and image theft can be challenging for photographers, whether you’re freelance or an employee. Blake will talk about knowing your rights, and some ways to deal with problems. 

Color and type for photographers

Sara Quinn

Design is often best when it gets out of the way of your photos, right? Yet, crafting a smart framework is key to creating important context for your storytelling. Sara will talk you through the essentials of good typography, color and grid across platforms.

Intro to Lightroom

Rikk Flohr, Adobe

Rikk will walk through the basics of using Lightroom and learning the workflow